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Oatworthy is the most eco-friendly and delicious milk in the world – well, at least we like to think so. We’re a group of Earth-loving and concerned citizens who believe that small changes in our everyday routines can make a big impact on the planet as a whole. That’s why we created Oatworthy, a tasty and sustainable alternative to conventional types of milk.

The Oatworthy journey started with the question: “What if we could make a milk that didn’t harm the planet and its inhabitants?” Going vegan was the first step, since the dairy industry has detrimental effects on the environment: greenhouse gas emissions, exploitative land and extensive wateruse. On top of that, dairy production negatively impacts animal welfare anddairy consumption can seriously damage human health. Therefore, we experimented with a range of plant-based ingredients, and oats quickly proved to be the best option. Compared to soybeans and almonds, growing oats requires much less water and land, and has a lower carbon footprint. But not only are oats more sustainable than other crops, they also create a creamy and flavorful milk that’s very versatile. Oatworthy is perfect for coffee, smoothies, or just sipping on its own – but it’s also great for cooking and baking.

We didn’t stop there and took a step further from the eco-friendly production of Oatworthy – to its sustainable shipping. We knew that transporting heavy liquids in bulky containers isn’t great for the environment, so we decided to create the most lightweight version of our oat milk possible: a powder. This means that we never have to ship any unnecessary water and our carbon emissions are lower than those of other plant-based milks. Plus, milk in powder form is super convenient for people on the go, especially for outdoor enthusiasts who love hiking and camping. With Oatworthy, you can pack light and still enjoy a yummy milk in the great “oatdoors” …*ahem* “outdoors”.

At Oatworthy, we believe that every small choice counts. By choosing our product, you’re making a positive impact on the Earth and everybody living on it. You’re also becoming part of a group of passionate and dedicated individuals who are committed to making the world a bit better – one oat at a time. So go ahead, pour yourself a glass of Oatworthy, and feel good about the choice you’ve made today.

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